Fixes and improvements

28 February 2024v1.21.0

This version introduces several enhancements based on recent updates, but it also addresses issues that were either caused or revealed by these updates.

  • All charts, tables, and summaries now employ the same calculation methods.

  • The Returns chart now shows the returns from the start of the selected period, rather than absolute returns. This change ensures consistency with the returns displayed in the Summary and the Table below.

  • All values and charts have been updated to correctly include the first day of the selected period. The value for the first day will seldom be zero, as it uses the previous day's data as the basis for calculation. This adjustment ensures that every day within the selected period is accounted for in a uniform manner.

  • Date pickers and dates should now function correctly across time zones that are significantly different from GMT, such as those in the US or Australia.

  • Unrealized returns will now properly exclude fees and be accounted only for the selected period.

  • Two new columns have been made available in the Portfolio section: 'Returns (1 year)' and 'Returns (max)', which can be added regardless of the period selected.

  • The transaction fields for Fees and Tax Paid will now accept negative values to account for situations where fees or taxes were adjusted at a later date.

  • You can now include capital, currency, and fixed returns in the Income Report if necessary.

  • Rows in expandable tables have improved indentation.

  • Group headers will no longer appear if all items within a group have been filtered out.

  • Split transactions are now visible again.