Asset Filtering

15 April 2024v1.25.0

You can now choose positions using powerful filters. You can quickly create a new filter or reuse ones you've previously created and saved.

These filters are indeed powerful - in addition to choosing specific assets, accounts, markets, or tags, you can also include only positions of a certain age, those opened on specific dates, or only those that are still open.

You can apply these filters in the Portfolio, Reports, Push Notifications, and Summary sections.

Moreover, you can use any of the filters (or accounts) as your benchmark! Simply start typing the name of the filter or account to find it. The return rate calculation method used will be the same as the one you've chosen in the Portfolio/Project settings.

To make it easier to compare longer periods, a new "Annual Benchmark" metric has been added next to "Annualized IRR".

Additionally, two new import templates have been introduced for Spanish Self Bank and ING Direct.