More details in Taxes Due Report

24 April 2024v1.26.3

Additional columns are now available in Taxes Due Report to give you more context about where the numbers are coming from:

  • Opening Transaction

  • Opening FX - Foreign exchange rate applied to opening transaction

  • FX Rate - Foreign exchange rate applied to the closing transaction/dividend value/market value

Remember, that Income & Revenue depend on the tax preset and might be different from the values in the transactions.

If any of the included transactions where unconfirmed (e.g., auto-generated dividends), a warning will be displayed asking you to review them. There's a link that will open the Portfolio with options applied to make it easy for you to review and confirm these transactions.

Lastly, there's a link that will open the Taxable Income Report with the same currency & filtering settings as you're currently viewing in Taxes Due.