Founders Subscription, Fixed Income and more!

16 August 2023v1.0.0

Our closed beta is wrapping up, and we're thrilled to announce that Capitally is transitioning to a paid subscription model. This allows us to keep improving the app and provide awesome new features. There's a 14-day free trial, so there's ample time to try it out. For a limited time period the price is just €5/month or €50/year + tax. Plus all users who joined the beta can expect a thank-you discount code arriving in their inboxes soon!

Fixed IncomeCopy

Diversifying your income just got a whole lot easier. Capitally now boasts its own Fixed Income section, allowing you to easily track and compare dividends, including rent returns on Real Estate and Bond interests. It's not only about market price anymore!

Explorer FilteringCopy

Using a field above the Explorer table, you can now filter by typing. Items filtered out won’t be displayed in graphs and metrics, helping to narrow your focus faster. Want to match multiple different things? Use a comma (like "apple, microsoft"). To exclude a word, use an exclamation mark (like "etf !bond"). It’s that simple.

Custom BenchmarksCopy

You can now use any asset - either owned by you or market-traded - as your benchmark. All you need to do is type its name when selecting a benchmark, and it's done.

Explorer Column EditingCopy

The personalisation doesn't stop there! Explorer tables allow you to select and rearrange columns according to your preference.

New Explorer UICopy

Lastly, Explore section's UI is completely redesigned. It's now more readable, organized, and overall a smoother experience. I think you'll love it