Investment Categories, Regions, Sectors and X-Ray charts

20 November 2023v1.11.0

Say hello to a new way to organise your investments 👋 - taxonomies group your assets by categories, regions, and sectors. They're pretty flexible, so you can adjust or add to these groupings to match how you think about your portfolio. And, of course, you can organize any custom assets you've added in the same way.

To tie it all together, there's a new X-Ray chart that gives you a visual breakdown of your investments. You'll be able to see at a glance how your assets are spread across different regions, categories, accounts or any group you choose. It's kind of like having a map of your portfolio and it works with portfolios of any size. Plus, this chart works with all sorts of metrics, so whether you're looking at returns, allocation, or fixed income, you'll get a detailed picture.

Lear more about taxonomies.