Small Improvements

13 December 2023v1.14.0

A lot of small improvements have been released today along with bigger, invisible groundworks needed for better market symbols support. You're asking for a lot of new ISINs to be added (keep them coming! 🤩). As reindexing them is a painful process we're aiming to change that.

  • Line graphs display the last value in a label for quick visual confirmation.

  • Nested taxonomies will have a separate breadcrumb for each level for quicker navigation.

  • Back button will only be displayed in installed apps - in browsers you can use the built-in one.

  • Summary layout has been cleaned up a little bit, with the default Benchmark set to SPY 500.

  • Transactions can now use dates as early as year 1950. Our currency data is currently limited to last 25 years, but if your transaction and asset are in Project's currency - you should be good to go.

  • Logging in should now be a little bit faster.

  • A Reset prices cache has been added to user profile - you can use it in rare cases where our data provider corrects historical price data.

  • Issues with exporting data and remote keys are now resolved.

  • We now accept Affiliates - if you have an audience you can share Capitally with, check out out affiliates portal.