Improved investment income yield metrics (and more)

9 July 2024v1.35.0

Work on improved dividends support has kicked off with a complete rewrite of yield calculations.

Yield on market price is now available everywhere, not only in the single asset view. When there are multiple assets, it will show you a principal-weighted average, including assets that don't bring you any income. To keep it in-line with the standard approach, the income always takes into account 1 year of payments. It takes into account both transactions you've added and the marked data, so it now properly covers assets you didn't have for the full year, and any custom assets like Real Estate.

Yield on Cost is now based on the average holding-period principal, which makes it both more accurate and stable across date ranges. If you annualize returns, YoC will be annualized as well, which is perfect for comparison with the Yield on Price.

Also, the Fixed Income has been renamed to Investment Income, or just Income - as it's not necessarily fixed.

Position Opened / Closed filters now behave differentlyCopy

These filters now apply only to the actual lots, not to Income events as it was previously. So once you choose lots opened or closed within a certain period, all Income transactions that are related to these lots will always be included. What's really nice, is that they will be included proportionately. So if you bought 100 shares, received a dividend on them and later sold 50 of them, if you filter only opened position, you'll see only the income brought by these 50 shares that remain open.

New filter: With Transaction TypeCopy

You can now filter position units by transaction types that relate to them. By selecting only Sell, you will see only units that were closed with a Sell transactions, conversely, you can use is not Sell to see only units that were never sold.

It also works the same with Income transactions. To see only dividend-paying assets, just filter by With Transaction Type is Dividend

Plus a few notable changes and fixes:Copy

  • currency conversion rates will now look for the longest history available, trying to use major intermediary currencies like USD if there's no direct rate that is long enough

  • on some exchanges, the day's close price was only available a few hours after trading closed - we'll now display the last recorded intraday price in the meantime

  • on some devices the Add Transaction modal was not opening - it should be fixed now