Full Tax Support (and more)

29 March 2024v1.24.0

Full tax support has finally arrived, and it's incredibly flexible. You can model virtually any tax rule from around the world, including Capital Gains, Wealth Tax, Progressive Tax Rates, domicile differences, and more. Once you set up the Tax Presets, you'll get comprehensive tax reports, and you can analyze tax metrics just like any other metric in your portfolio.

This even includes Harvestable Tax, which estimates how much tax you could recover by selling some losing positions.

There are already early versions of presets for US, UK, Poland, Netherlands and Italy. If you need another one - you can create your own. You can get some inspiration from our walkthrough video or demo.

If you've made a preset you'd like to share or need a specific one to include, please let us know or checkout the newly created repository where we can collaborate on new additions!

And there's more

  • Every single notes field now supports text formatting. It works similarly to Notion: you can use Ctrl/Cmd+B to make the text bolder or type **bold** to do the same. By pasting a URL address over selected text, you can create a link.

  • You can specify a country for accounts.

  • When editing a transaction, you can change its type.

  • Settings have been completely reorganized.

  • You can finally change your display name in your profile.

  • There's a new import template for Trading 212.