Adding custom assets

Capitally is designed to help you track anything of value in your portfolio.

How to Create a Custom AssetCopy

  1. Click on the + Add button and select the create a custom asset option.

  2. Choose the type of asset you want to add. Some assets have different sets of properties or transaction types available, so pick the one that is conceptually closest to what you want to track. For example, Cash has no market prices as it doesn't change its value, while Real Estate has a Rent payment transaction. Don't worry too much about this, as you can change the type later on.

  3. Choose the asset's currency and decide how it will be priced - you can use a specific market symbol, or provide prices manually.

For more information on editing assets, check out the article on Assets.

Adding transactionsCopy

Once the asset is created, create its initial transaction, so it's bound to an account and has some quantity. If you don't do this, the asset will not be displayed on the Dashboard or Portfolio, as long as the Period only option is enabled.

If you want to add more transactions later on, you can click that + Add button once more and your custom asset will show on the list to choose from.