Taxable Income Report

This report allows you to quickly review the following details:

  • Which positions were open at the end of a selected period and what their market value was. This information is useful for recording your ownership at a specific point in time and can also help estimate estate tax if necessary.

  • Which positions were closed during the selected period, along with their associated Expenses, Revenues, and Income? This data will enable you to calculate your potential capital gains tax.

  • What Dividends and other Fixed Income you received during the selected period? This information is useful for estimating your dividends tax.

Since every case is unique, you have the flexibility to group positions in various ways. For instance, you can group by Domicile if you are subject to different tax rates for income from different parts of the world. Or you can group by Transaction Lot and find lots that are prime for loss harvesting.

With every grouping option except Transactions, you have the ability to expand the rows to view the underlying Transaction Lots and Transactions. This feature provides a clearer understanding of the exact sources of your income.

Finally, you have the option to save the table as a PDF by printing it, which is helpful for record-keeping. You can also export it to CSV or Excel, or simply copy and paste the information wherever needed. The exported data will include the same columns, order, and rows that you see on the screen, giving you control over what is exported.