Changes History

Capitally keeps track of all the changes you make in your portfolio. This feature allows you to modify your portfolio without fear of breaking things, as you always can undo any change. It also lets you review any past actions.

You can access the History, Undo and Redo from the menu in the top right corner.

Removing HistoryCopy

If for any reason you wish to erase your full history and only keep the current state, you can:

  • Export the project to JSON

  • Create a new project

  • Import your data back

  • Delete the old project

Modifying the StateCopy

If you want to modify multiple items, and you prefer to do it in a text editor for any reason, you can:

  • Export the project to JSON

  • Edit the file in a text editor that supports JSON, while keeping it's structure

  • Import your data back

If you're not satisfied with the result after importing, you can always undo the import and try again.