Tracking Cash

You can keep track of your cash accounts just like any other asset. This gives you an overview of your cash allocation and, in the case of foreign currency accounts, allows you to monitor returns from currency fluctuations.

A cash account in Capitally refers to an account without interest. For information on tracking interest-based deposits, please refer to tracking Bonds and Deposits article.

Importing Cash TransactionsCopy

Currently, Capitally is not optimized to track thousands of cash expenses and transfers, so importing your full account statement might not be the most efficient method. Instead, we recommend tracking the current balance on all your cash accounts. You can do this manually or import the balance in bulk for convenience.

How to Select the Right AssetCopy

To ensure optimal results, simply search for the currency you wish to track and create transactions on all accounts where you have that currency.

For instance, if you have accounts with Degiro, Interactive Brokers, and Revolut, you can add an 'Account Balance' transaction on each of them. Once you've created an initial transaction on an account, it will appear in the 'Positions' view. Here, you can update the balance by double-clicking it.

In the rare case where you have two subaccounts in the same currency (e.g., if your bank account has multiple subaccounts), you can create multiple custom assets of type Cash to track each subaccount individually.

Exploring Your Cash AccountsCopy

The Portfolio section allows you to visualize your cash allocation and assess the impact of foreign currency on your portfolio value by switching the viewing currency or using it as a benchmark.

To see all your cash positions, navigate to Portfolio -> Types -> Cash. From here, you can delve deeper into specific Accounts or Currencies.