Transaction Properties Reference

Below you will find a list of transaction properties you can choose when mapping CSV columns when importing custom files.

  • Date: Date & Time of the transaction

  • Time: Time of the transaction. Used when it's a separate column. Overrides the time in Date

  • Account: Account this transaction belongs to

  • Asset: Asset this transaction is about

  • Type: Type of Transaction

  • Quantity: Transacted quantity (for Buy, Sell, Transfer) or date's balance (for Account Balance)

  • Quantity (Buy or Sell): Replaces two columns - Quantity and Type. If the value is positive - a Buy is created, when negative - it's a Sell

  • Price: Transacted price per share (for Buy, Sell, Transfer) or income per share (for Dividend, Interest, Rent)

  • Market Price: Market Price at that date - will override the closing market price for the specified date

  • Value: Monetary value of the transaction. Can be used instead of the Price (Price will be calculated)

  • Fee: Fees paid

  • Transaction Tags: Tags applied to the transaction (not to the Asset or Account)

  • Notes: Notes in markdown format

  • Fee currency: Currency of the Fee (defaults to Asset's currency)

  • Value currency: Currency of the Value (defaults to Asset's currency)

  • Value & Fee currency: Currency of both Fee and Value

  • Reference ID: Transaction's reference ID (eg. broker's transaction ID)