Exporting Data

We understand that having access to your data in a format that works for you is crucial. That's why we've made it easy for you to export your data in two different ways: Full Export in JSON and Export tables to CSV. Here's how you can do it.

Full Export in JSONCopy

You can export the whole portfolio in a JSON format by going to Settings -> Export Data.

This will allow you to export everything you've input into the app, including your assets, manual market prices, import templates and project settings. Essentially, this is the full internal state of the application.

If you need to, you can import that JSON back into the app by using the Data Exported from Capitally import template.

Export Tables to CSVCopy

In addition to JSON, you can also export tables you see to CSV, Excel, or clipboard format. This exports the same data you see in the table.

Exporting transactionsCopy

When exporting Transactions, we also include the values in the Original currency (the one you transacted with). These columns will use .orig suffix (eg. value.orig).