What is an Account?Copy

An 'Account' within Capitally may directly correspond to your existing broker or bank account. If you find it more useful to group your assets in terms of portfolios, it's completely fine to create accounts to represent these portfolios. Essentially, an account here is a logical structure devised to neatly store and organise your assets.

However, if you feel you don't need this level of organisation, you may choose to not use accounts at all.

Adding Assets to an AccountCopy

To add an asset to an account, you will need to assign the account when creating the transaction. This approach allows you to hold the same asset across multiple accounts. For instance, you may have the same ETF in both your current and retirement accounts, or multiple cash balances.

Unlimited AccountsCopy

You can create as many accounts as required to fine-tune your investment tracking. You can then compare the value of your holdings between these accounts via both the dashboard and explore pages.