Tracking Shorts and Options

Capitally does not (yet) support Short positions or Options with a full-blown user-experience, but you can use Price Formulas, an alpha-stage feature, to track these as well.

For Stocks that you want to Short or have Options, you:

  1. Create a Custom Stock Asset, one for all Shorts, separate ones for each Options serie

  2. Open the Prices tab and enable Market prices

  3. Select the market symbol of the asset you have

  4. Add a price formula

    1. -price for shorting,

    2. price - PREMIUM for puts

    3. PREMIUM - price for calls

  5. Create a regular Buy transaction when you open the position. Quantity is positive, but the price will be negative (or 0 for options)

  6. Market value should be tracked accordingly

  7. Create a Sell transaction when you close the position (or you have a margin call 😱 )

Importing TransactionsCopy

If you have many short positions or options, you can easily create an import template to add them in bulk from your broker or spreadsheet.

Exploring Your PortfolioCopy

Use the Portfolio section to easily compare returns, transaction fees, and fixed income across all your stocks and other types of investment.

Use tags to group Longs, Shorts, and Options together.