Troubleshooting Data Issues

If you're seeing the warning "We've encountered issues while evaluating below positions. Numbers you see are not accurate!", especially after importing new transactions or making changes to your portfolio, don't panic. This guide will help you understand the possible root-causes and how to fix them.

Issue: We couldn't fetch price for XCopy

This issue arises when we don't have the market price and/or currency exchange rates for the dates your transactions occurred. Here's how you can resolve this:

  1. Check your network connection: If you see a Fetch failed error, there might be an issue with your network connection or our backends. Reach out to us if the issue persists.

  2. Change the currency: If it's the currency that is missing, try viewing the project in another currency, preferably USD, as it has the longest history.

  3. Change the market symbol: The market symbol's price history you are using might be too short. Edit the asset, open the Prices tab and select another market symbol in the Source prices using this market symbol.

  4. Verify your transaction dates: Check your transaction dates by opening the Transactions tab in Portfolio and sorting transactions by Date. You can edit a transaction just by clicking on its date.

  5. Add a Market Price manually: If all else fails, you may need to add a Market Price for your first transaction's date manually. This is likely if you bought an asset before the IPO. Open your first transaction on the asset, and edit the Market Price there.

Issue: We couldn't resolve currency pair XCopy

This issue happens when we can't find a currency pair between the Asset and viewing currencies. If your network connection is fine, try changing the viewing or Asset currencies to something less exotic.

Issue: There is a negative balance since XCopy

This issue happens when one of the transactions in the history sold or transferred more quantity than was available at the time. This often happens if you are importing incomplete history or if history is missing the transfers from another account. Here's how you can resolve this:

  1. Verify transactions: Click on the Click here and verify transactions that lead to that point as it will setup the Portfolio to assist you. You will see the transaction causing the negative balance on top, you can scroll down to check if all the preceding transactions and the balance are correct.

  2. Check the account: Verify if the transaction's account is correct, you can click on top to show positions on all accounts of that asset - if you have multiple accounts for the same asset you will see them there.

  3. Check for missing splits: If there was a split/merge event that we don't have (or the other way round), try changing the source market symbol by editing the asset and selecting another one in the Source prices using this market symbol . If it doesn't help - please let us know.

  4. Add an account balance: If you can't find the culprit and you don't need full accuracy, you can always fix this by adding an account balance to your history.