Add transactions manually

In Capitally, you have the flexibility to add transactions manually at any time.

From the main menu, select + Add Asset. This option allows you to add any asset from any location.

If you wish to add an asset or transaction in a specific place, navigate to that place in the Portfolio. This could be a specific Account, Market, Asset, or Asset type. Once there, click on the Add Asset Here button. This action will narrow down your asset search and set some transaction defaults.

Picking an AssetCopy

Search for the asset you want to add. You can search for both custom and market-traded assets. Assets that already belong to the project will be marked with a bookmark icon.

Once a new asset is selected, it will be copied over to your project and you will have the freedom to edit it as you wish.

Adding a TransactionCopy

Select the appropriate transaction type first.

After this, select the Account that this transaction will belong to. The Current Quantity field displays the quantity of the selected Asset on that account only.

If you're editing a custom asset, you may want to update its market price for the date of the transaction. You can do this right in the transaction window by clicking the pencil icon next to the Current Market Price.

Unconfirmed transactionsCopy

If your transaction is still pending, but you want to record it anyway (a dividend, transfer you just did, etc.), you can check the Unconfirmed transaction checkbox if necessary. The transaction will be visually marked with an hourglass icon. You can then revisit, correct, and confirm them later.