Tracking Stocks & ETFs

When it comes to tracking stocks and ETFs, Capitally is your go-to app. It supports thousands of stock symbols from exchanges around the globe, making it easy and convenient to consolidate all your brokerages in one place.

Importing Transactions

The most efficient way start is by importing transactions directly from your broker. Simply export your list of transactions according to the instructions and drop it into Capitally. The app takes care of removing duplicates, so you don't have to worry about any double entries when you repeat it from time to time.

If your broker isn't directly supported by Capitally, you can send us a sample or create your own template to streamline your imports.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to export transactions from your broker, you can manually create them or update balances periodically. It's your choice.

Depending on your broker, it might be crucial to chosse the right asset symbol when importing.


Capitally automatically includes dividends for most tickers worldwide. To avoid duplicates, refrain from importing dividends from your broker. If you need precise amounts for tax purposes, you can manually edit the dividend transactions, adjusting their date, value, or currency as needed.

Exploring Your Portfolio

Use the Portfolio section to easily compare returns, transaction fees, and fixed income across all your stocks and other types of investment.

You can also compare yourself to benchmarks - both broad market indexes, and any type of asset, including custom ones.

Tax Reporting

When tax season rolls around, you can export the Pairs/FIFO table, which includes all your transactions with an accurate cost-basis in First-in, First-out order, along with all the data we can extract from the system. You can then hand this over to your accountant or use it to do your taxes yourself in a spreadsheet.