Tracking Debt

Capitally does not (yet) support Liabilites with a full-blown user-experience, but you can use negative prices to track these as well.

How to track itCopy

  1. Create a Custom Asset, you can use Real-Estate for mortgage and Deposit for short-term debts (so they properly offset value of your assets)

  2. Create a regular Buy transaction when you take the loan.

    1. Quantity is positive - equal to the amount you borrowed

    2. Set the Transaction Price AND the Market Price to -1

  3. Create a Sell transaction when you repay the debt

    1. Paid principal is your Quantity

    2. Paid interest is your Fee

Importing TransactionsCopy

You can easily create an import template to add principal & interest payments in bulk from your broker or spreadsheet.

Exploring Your PortfolioCopy

Use tags to group loans together with what they finance (eg. Real-estate + Mortgage, Stocks + Margin account).