Tracking Real Estate

Capitally allows you to monitor the current market value of your real estate, along with all related income and expenses, giving you a comprehensive overview of your investment. Please note that market prices are not automated, and you will need to update them manually.

Importing Real Estate DataCopy

Unless you're managing a vast real estate portfolio, you'll likely want to create a custom asset for each unit you own. Depending on how you prefer to obtain the current market price - per square meter or per whole unit - create a Buy transaction with the quantity set either actual square meters or 1.

Tracking ExpensesCopy

You can track all expenses using the Other transaction. One-off expenses can be tracked with a negative Value, which will influence only the Return on Investment (ROI), while recurring expenses, like utilities, can be tracked with the Fees, which will influence fees rate as well. This allows you to compare your real estate to other investments, such as bonds or stocks, on an equal footing.

Tracking IncomeCopy

If you're renting out your property, any income can be tracked with the Rent Payment transaction. This enables you to calculate the Fixed-Income and Yield your property is generating.

Updating Market PriceCopy

Periodically, it's advisable to update the current Market Price based on market prices in your area.

If you've been tracking all this data in a spreadsheet, you can create an import template and import everything in one go. If you plan to track the expenses and income in a spreadsheet or app alongside Capitally, remember that you can also create a template for Copying & Pasting the data, saving you the trouble of exporting it.

Exploring Your Real Estate PortfolioCopy

Portfolio section allows you to compare the fixed income of all the assets in your portfolio, including Bonds, Stocks and Real Estate. This gives you a holistic view of the fixed-income potential of all your investments.

To see all your real estate, navigate to Portfolio -> Types -> Real Estate.