Tracking Mutual Funds

Capitally supports market prices for mutual funds from the US and Western Europe right out of the box. If you have funds that aren't supported, don't worry. You can easily add them as custom assets and manually input their market prices.

Importing Mutual FundsCopy

To import transactions or account balances, we recommend using an import template. This way, you only need to drop the exported list of transactions whenever you buy or sell. It's completely fine if you have duplicate entries, as our system automatically removes them.

If, for any reason, you prefer not to export transactions from your exchange, that's okay too. You have the option to create transactions manually or simply update balances along with their market prices periodically.

Exploring Your Mutual FundsCopy

The Portfolio section allows you to compare returns and transaction fees across all your mutual funds. Not only that, but you can also compare them against any other type of investment in your portfolio.

You can also compare yourself to benchmarks - both broad market indexes, and any type of asset, including custom ones.

Tax ReportingCopy

When tax season rolls around, you can utilize the Taxable Income Report, which includes all your transactions with an accurate cost-basis calculated in a First-in, First-out order. This report can then be provided to your accountant or used as a reference for completing your taxes on your own in a spreadsheet.